Vita, Zoe and Joshua

John (13), Joshua (9) and I are working our way slowly through the Latina Christiana DVDs. Yesterday we learned that the Latin word for life is vita (as in vitamin). Coincidentally, just two days earlier in church I had been introduced to a three week old girl, Zoe (ZO-ee). Her dad explained that zoe is the Greek word for life.

Thinking it might be helpful to tie in the Greek word with the Latin word, I began relating to the boys my encounter. Before I had gotten very far, however, Joshua stopped me by saying, “Wait! Don’t tell me.” I should say that I’m not accustomed to Joshua exhibiting such enthusiasm for anything scholastic. But, willing to humor him, I paused while he ransacked his brain. In a few moments he confidently informed me that the Greek word for life was zoe.

“How in the world did you remember that?” I asked.

“Sunday School,” he replied. “We’re learning a new Greek word every week in class.”


I don’t know if I’m more impressed with Joshua’s fourth-grade teacher at having the courage to attempt such a project, or with the fact that for Joshua the project actually seems to be working!


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