Why I appreciate my pastor(s)

Abraham recently encouraged his readers to post what they appreciate about their pastor. I am eager to comply.

My family and I are in the happy situation of having not just one, but multiple pastors. In fact, we have so many pastors that at times it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Some of them I know fairly well. Some not as well. Some not at all. Yet.

Of those I know, I am particularly grateful for (in alphabetical order):

  • Sam Crabtree — Pastor Sam is one of the best free-throw shooters I’ve ever played with, but his basketball skills are overshadowed by his sense of humor, friendly encouragement, and ability to imaginatively express biblical truths.
  • David Michael — Pastor David Michael’s wise counsel, humble example, and heartfelt prayers (especially for the children of our church) have challenged and strengthened my faith.
  • John Piper — No one has more relentlessly pointed me (through his preaching, teaching, writing, and praying) to the superior satisfaction found in Jesus Christ than has Pastor John.

And also for:

  • Ken Currie
  • David Livingston
  • Brad Nelson
  • Chuck Steddom
  • Tom Steller
  • Kenny Stokes, and
  • Kempton Turner

It is a pleasure and a rare gift to be fed and guided by such a band of mature, thoughtful, spiritual, joyful, faithful, hopeful, loving shepherds.


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