Geekspeak (a brief review)

If you’ve ever needed inspiration on how to estimate better, let Dr. Graham Tattersall be your guide. Using a couple dozen intriguingly odd examples, Dr. Tattersall talks you through a logical process for coming up with in-the-ball-park solutions.

geekspeakFor example, without using much outside reference help, you can learn the approximate answers to questions like these:

  • Are you as powerful as a washing machine?
  • How heavy is your house?
  • How many piano tuners are there in Boston?
  • How long would it take to send your body to Mars?
  • How much land is needed to bury the dead each year?
  • Is a storm more powerful than an atomic bomb?
  • How many flies would it take to pull a car?
  • How much does the moon weigh?


Geekspeak is a fun, stimulating intro into the (somewhat) practical side of geeky math.


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