Josiah Vierra on heaven

Yesterday I watched a story produced by ESPN that featured Josiah Vierra, a remarkable youngster who was born with progeria, a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children. One of Josiah’s passions in life is baseball, and he plays it with all the energy his 27-inch, 15-pound body can muster.

During one segment of the show, his grandmother recalled with tears in her eyes that Josiah had recently been asking her about heaven. She related how that upon receiving her explanation of heaven, Josiah seemed satisfied. The camera then cut to the reporter tenderly questioning Josiah.

Reporter: “What is heaven?”
Josiah: “It’s God.”


Reporter: “What does heaven look like?”
Josiah: “Jesus.”

Wow! It would be difficult for anyone to give a more concise or theologically profound answer than that!


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